T-Ball & Instructional T-Ball Division

Fast Facts


  • T-Ball players shall use an eleven (11) inch “Soft-Touch” softball.
  • A regulation game may start with six (6) players.
  • No outs will be recorded for the missing batters.
  • Up to ten (10) players may be placed in the field. 
  • Teams shall field (6) “infield players” and (4) “outfield players”.
  • Outfield players must set up with at least one foot in contact with the grass.
  • All players on the roster and present will bat. 
  • No out shall be recorded for injured/sick players unable to bat.
  • The base paths are sixty (60) feet.
  • There is one umpire, initially positioned at the plate area.
  • Game time is one (1) hour or five (5) innings.
  • There is a five (5) run limit per inning.
  • T-Ball and Little League bats may be used.
  • The infield fly rule will not be observed.
** Due to a large number of Rule Adendums, Please refer to the "CFGAA Rec League Rules & Guidlines for a complete list of Rules.





Blast Ball is entended for girls ages 3 & 4.

CFGAA’s newest Division "BlastBall" is played with a maximum of 5 players per team. Although 2-3 players per team works equally well. The defensive players take an infield position. A BlastBall is placed on the BlastTee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the BlastBase. If the batter reaches the Base (the only base used) before a defensive player either catches the BlastBall in the air (an automatic out) or fields it and yells "BLASTBALL", he scores a run. If the ball is caught or fielded and "BLASTBALL " is yelled before the runner gets to the BlastBase, then the runner is out. It’s just that simple!


Every child gets to bat once through the lineup regardless of any outs. We do not keep score because it is all about having fun for these very young girls!


The BlastBase is audible, emitting a loud "H O N K " that the kids love whenever the runner stomps on the base. When fielded, the defensive player can throw the BlastBall back to an adult who will be positioned near home plate (safely away from the Tee).


Softball Gloves are not needed because of the softness and size of the Ball. The fear factor of being hit is eliminated from the game all together. While batting helmets are not needed because the BlastBall is not being pitched or thrown to make the out, for optimum safety, CFGAA requires helmets to be worn.


T-Ball & Intro. T-Ball


Levi Watson