Freshmen Division

Fast Facts

Freshmen Division

  • Freshman players shall use a twelve (12) inch softball.
  • A regulation game may start with eight (8) players.
  • No outs will be recorded for the missing batters.
  • Up to nine (9) players may be placed in the field. 
  • All players on the roster and present will bat. 
  • No out shall be recorded for injured/sick players unable to bat.
  • The pitching distance is forty (40) feet and the base paths are sixty (60) feet.
  • There are two umpires, home plate umpire and field umpire.
  • Game time is one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes or six (6) innings
  • There is a six (6) run limit per inning.
  • Only official softball bats, as defined in the ASA Playing Rules may be used.



Freshmen Commissioner

Freshmen Commissioner

Bryan Perry