Cy-Fair Girls Athletic Association is non-profit girls fast pitch softball association. Our program is designed to provide a safe and exciting opportunity for all young ladies, regardless of ability, to experience the value of team sports and learn and play fast pitch softball. Located at Dyess Park in Harris County, we play all of our games at Dyess Park and have ten softball fields designated exclusively for CFGAA’s use. We have six age divisions from four to eighteen years old and play two seasons a year, Spring and Fall.  


2021 Fall Recreation League General Information!

Teams formed by September 7th. Please don’t contact your commissioner before that date.


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***Please Review our "NEW" FAQ Document


Typical fees (for both spring and fall):

$60.00 for Instructional T-Ball

$110.00 for 6U/T-Ball

$135.00 all other divisions


Spring Season Fundraiser - Only the spring season requires an additional $55.00 “buy-out” fee for our Spring Fundraiser or you may choose to sell our fundraiser candy. (NO fundraiser or buy-out in the fall!)  All spring season online registrations must include the fundraiser "buy out" fee. If you want to sell the fundraiser candy you must register your daughter at one of our on-site registration dates to pick up the candy (spring season only).



Age Divisions

Instructional T-Ball – Ages 3 & 4

6U/T-Ball - Ages 5 & 6

8U/Pixie - Ages 7 & 8

10U/Ponytail – Ages 9 & 10

12U/Freshman – Ages 11 & 12

18U/SJS – Ages 13 - 18



Our goal is to have team assignments done by September 7th.  This does not mean you will hear from a coach at this time.  You need to allow the coach time to receive his team and organize him/herself.  Only contact your division commissioner if you have not heard from a coach by September 14th.


Fall Season games start: September 18th
and ends mid November



Practices and Games

  • Once teams are formed and practice begins, your team can meet up to 3 times a week total.  The practice days and times are determined by each individual coach based on his personal schedule.
  • All league games are played at Dyess Park and are typically held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
  • Game times - Weekday games start at 6:30pm or 8pm, Saturday games are 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, or 3:00pm.  A typical week could look like this; game on Monday, practice on Wednesday and a game on Saturday.
  • CFGAA League Rules state that teams are not allowed to meet more than 3 times a week.


Team Selection

  • During the spring season players entering Ponytail, Freshman, & SJS enter a draft process. Each time a player enters a new age group, they must draft. Example daughter played pixie in spring 2016, moves to ponytail fall 2016 – she can be placed with her former teammates per request in the fall, but in spring 2017 she MUST enter the draft. The following seasons in ponytail she may choose to stay with her drafted team or choose to redraft again in spring 2018.
  • During the fall season for all Divisions CFGAA Division Commissioners use a placement process to build each team. Players are placed per coach or teammate request submitted by the parent during the registration process (this is done for Tball & Pixie year round). This is not a guaranteed placement as a team may be full with returning players. In that case, commissioners would try to place players with other girls from the local school area.



Team Uniform

For both spring and fall seasons, CFGAA will provide the team jersey that is worn during all games. The team coach will determine what type and color bottoms your player will wear. This could range from softball pants to typical athletic shorts. Each team will also decide on the style and color socks they wear. Many team today choose to purchase the "Crazy Socks" that offer a wide variety of colors and styles.


Required Playing Equipment

Official girl’s softball bat (must be ASA Approved) (no boy’s bats)

Fielding glove

Approved batting helmet with face guard & chin strap

Softball Cleats (no Metal Cleats in ANY Division)


Optional equipment

Sliding pants

Batting glove



For clarification or concerns regarding the equipment needed, please contact your coach or e-mail your CFGAA Division Commissioner.